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2013-10-25 Gawler Club

Gawler Club’s chocolate winners from social night on October 25, 2013: Steve Winder, John Brereton, Nat Hardy and Jim Langmead – after a battle with the president. The next social night will be on Thursday, December 5, [...]

2013-10-27 Baseball

ANOTHER STEP FOR RANGERS Gawler Rangers lost 6-0 to Goodwood in division three baseball but showed further improved signs and is closer to its first win in two seasons. After three innings the Rangers trailed 2-0, [...]

2013-10-28 Starplex results

BASKETBALL Monday evening men: D1 – Run & Gun d Wizards 51-43; D2-A – Swamp Dawgs d Wolverines 33-28, Cunning Stunts d Turbos 41-35, Hurricanes d Wreckless 32-26; D2-B – TZK d Orlago Bujic 34-30, M&Ms d Hillbillies 37-28, Beard of Chuck d Flight Team 34-28. Tuesday daytime ladies: Cheeky Chicks d Blue Birds 48-20, Rhondavues d Kaos 50-40, [...]