Starplex — 25 February 2014


Monday junior: U12D1 – Run N Gun tied Brookers 34-34, Williamstown Giants d Barossa 20-15; U12D2A – Sandy Creek d All Stars 30-28, Sudden Impact d Heat 27-11; U12D2B – Barossa Bulldogs d Triumph 13-2, Wild Lions d Rockstars 21-2; U14D1 – T-Legends d All Stars 42-17; U14D2 – Brookers d Barossa Bulldogs 34-4, Sandy Creek d Trinity Blue 32-14, Jaguars d Trinity Tactics 23-21; U16 – GDC d Mavericks 55-23, CCS Thunder d Trinity Blue 44-11.

Monday men: M&Ms tied Cunning Stunts 38-38, Run & Gun d Swamp Dawgs 51-40, AP Tigers d Wizards 59-45, Beard of Chuck d Turbos 20-0, Crumpet Squad d Hurricanes 41-40, Flight Team d Orlago Bujic 39-38, Wreckless d Shakers 51-39.

Tuesday daytime ladies: Flamin Flamingos d Kaos 60-28, Cheeky Chicks d Rhondavues 34-28, Phantoms d Blue Birds 33-17.

Tuesday juniors: 8&u – Warriors d Trinity Thunder 8-2, Lyndoch Black d Dragon Jets 7-2, Sandy Creek d Junior CC Stars 6-2, Flight Team d Roar 21-0, Lyndoch Gold d Red Devils 10-2; 10-girls – Williamstown d Sapphires 22-0, Lyndoch Wolves d CC Stars 22-2; U10 – Williamstown d Sandy Creek 10-9, Lions d Barossa 16-0, Five Stars d Lyndoch Wolves 8-3, United Stars d Hawks 20-0.

Tuesday night men: Tanks d Vaders 49-24, Fresh Out of The Box d Donkeys 20-0, Black Hawk d Uncle Drew 33-15, Google It d Purple Haze 34-23, Gang Green d North Side Flyerz 43-28, Muffin Stuffers d Wolves 35-31, U18D3 d Red Lions 34-31.

Wednesday evening ladies: Shooting Stars d T-Birds 34-22.

* * * * *
Monday ladies: D1 – Wild Turkeys d Firebirds 30-10, Southies d Checkmate Masters 40-18, CKA d Hot Shots 35-34; D2 – Red Ducks d Blue Birds 31-21, Jelly Bitts d The Wells Girls 29-18, Divas d Jokers 40-34; D3 – Java Chix d Black Magic 33-21, Fruit Tingles d White Tigers 20-18, BABS d No Direction 37-18, Fusion Girls d Pink Ladies 25-22.

Tuesday evening mixed: Happy Hour d Vollies 49-8, Falcons d Ashleys Angles 18-9, Demons d Golden Vipers 23-17, Win None Lose Some d Stormtroopers 20-19, Drop It In d Vipers 31-8.

Wednesday juniors: Primary – Trinity Purple d Trinity red 19-2, Trinity Yellow d Trinity Blue 16-2; Sub junior – Barossa Districts d Trinity Pink 25-1, Trinity Orange d Trinity red 29-9, Trinity Blue d Trinity White 28-12, Trinity Light Orange d Trinity Maroon 13-11; Junior D1 – Willaston d Trinity Yellow 25-7, Trinity Red d Trinity Orange 29-6; Junior D2 – Trinity Green d Trinity Light Blue 17-8, Trinity Blue d Trinity Maroon 19-11; Inters – South Gawler d Trinity Red 24-18, Trinity Yellow d Trinity Purple 37-17.

Wednesday evening ladies (semi-finals): D1 – St Georges d Escapees 35-21, The Jellies d Trinity-2 24-14; D2 – Lollipops d Mumma Bears 24-22, Two Wells Roosters d Trinity-1 35-15; D3 – Family Affairs d Bits & Pieces 29-23, Lemons d Fruit loops 40-22.

Wednesday evening mixed: Ants at a Picnic d Middle Ages School Kidz 16-8, Jekylls Angels d Team Tank 35-12.

Friday ladies daytime: Dribs & Drabs d mixed bag 29-17, Mummas d Cant Decied 27-15, Lady Birds d Wasleys 18-17.

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